Designed to exceed your expectations. Impressive performance, advanced technology, powerful surf waves and luxurious and practical features.

length 7.44 m / 24′5″ weight 2858 kg / 6300 lb seats 18 storage 4.60 m³ / 162.45 ft³ fuel capacity 303 l / 80 gal boat beam 259 cm / 102″ ballast 1815 kg / 4000 lb hull ConvexV draft 74 cm / 29″

The Tige 24RZX boat is designed to exceed your expectations, with a confident, sharp design featuring distinct lines and luxurious diamond stitching.

It is a large boat that offers impressive performance, including powerful surf waves and a range of luxurious and practical features such as ample storage and a high freeboard. The 24RZX is equipped with advanced technology, including the GO System™, which allows riders to customize the wave to their preference, from a gentle slope to a steep, ocean-worthy wave. This boat is the perfect choice for those who want a combination of power and luxury on the water, and it is sure to provide good times and epic waves.

Exclusive 24RZX Features

TIGÉ RZX - features

ALPHA E3 TOWER The Alpha E3 Powered Tower is a technologically advanced and versatile electric tower that showcases precision and strength.

TIGÉ RZX - features

AUDISON PRO-AUDIO SYSTEM This high-definition system has been carefully designed to provide an unforgettable audio experience for Tige customers.

TIGÉ RZX - features

CONVEX V HULL Tige boats are designed with versatility in mind, featuring a Convex V Hull and TAPS technology that allows for full trim capability, making them the only inboard boats with this capability.

TIGÉ RZX - features

GO System™ The GO System™, powered by TAPS 3T, is a convenient and easy-to-use feature that allows you to quickly set up your boat for a range of activities, including wake surfing, wakeboarding, and skiing.

TIGÉ RZX - features

RAPTOR SERIES BY INDMAR The Raptor Series engines are purpose-built for watersports and offer unparalleled torque, allowing you to fully utilize the power of your wave and wake.

TIGÉ RZX - features

TAPS 3T TAPS 3T and the natural performance of the CONVEX V HULL forms the longest, most perfect and powerful surf wave on either side of the boat.

Standard Features of the RZX Class

Alpha E3 Powered Tower

Audison 2D Sound System

BoatMate Trailer

Convex V Hull

Diamond Stitch Interior

Dual Fuel Fills

Electronic Isolator and Dual Batteries

GatorStep Non-Skid Flooring

GO System™ Powered by TAPS 3T

Indmar Raptor Motor

Indmar V 2:1 Transmission

ReCline Seat

RZX Airframe Windshield

RZX Aluminum Phone Holder

RZX Chromax Badging

Sea Strainer Flush Kit

Surf & Wake XL Ballast

Tige 5 Limited Warranty

Tige Alumina Helm Wheel

Tige CLEAR Horizon Touch Screen

Tige Pro Driver Mirror – 14″

Transom Flip Up Seats

Walkthrough Transom

Zero Off Cruise Control


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The Tige 2022 24RZX

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