Designed to deliver the high-quality performance. Versatile, stylish boat that is well-suited for a memorable day on the water.

length 6.60 m / 21′5″ weight 2204 kg / 4860 lb seats 14 storage 2.87 m³ / 101.26 ft³ fuel capacity 174 l / 46 gal boat beam 259 cm / 102″ ballast 1429 kg / 3150 lb hull ConvexV draft 74 cm / 29″

The Tige Z1 boat is a compact, 21-foot vessel that offers many of the same features and benefits as the larger Z3 model, including a traditional bow, diamond stitching, and a deep freeboard.

It is designed to deliver the high-quality performance that Tige is known for, with the ability to produce ocean-worthy waves, rampy wakes, or flat slalom wakes, depending on the rider's preferences. The Z1 is equipped with the GO System™, which allows riders to easily switch between activities such as wakesurfing, wakeboarding, and skiing at the push of a button. Overall, the Z1 is a versatile, stylish boat that is well-suited for a memorable day on the water.

Exclusive Z1 Features

TIGÉ RZX - features

AUDISON PRO-AUDIO SYSTEM This high-definition system has been carefully designed to provide an unforgettable audio experience for Tige customers.

TIGÉ RZX - features

CONVEX V HULL Tige boats are designed with versatility in mind, featuring a Convex V Hull and TAPS technology that allows for full trim capability, making them the only inboard boats with this capability.

TIGÉ RZX - features

GO System™ The GO System™, powered by TAPS 3T, is a convenient and easy-to-use feature that allows you to quickly set up your boat for a range of activities, including wake surfing, wakeboarding, and skiing.

TIGÉ RZX - features

RAPTOR SERIES BY INDMAR The Raptor Series engines are purpose-built for watersports and offer unparalleled torque, allowing you to fully utilize the power of your wave and wake.

TIGÉ RZX - features

TAPS 3T TAPS 3T and the natural performance of the CONVEX V HULL forms the longest, most perfect and powerful surf wave on either side of the boat.

TIGÉ RZX - features

TIGE CLEAR HORIZON With this cutting-edge addition, your favorite screens are now just a swipe away, enhancing how you interact with your Tige. This feature lets you easily access and manage two functions simultaneously without switching screens.

TIGÉ RZX - features

Keyless Ignition No more key. Start and enjoy!

Standard Features of the Z Class

Air Shelves

Alpha E3 Powered Tower

Aluminum Phone Holder

BoatMate Trailer

Convex V Hull

Diamond Stitch Interior

Electronic Isolator and Dual Batteries

GatorStep Non-Skid Flooring

GO System™ Powered by TAPS 3T

Indmar Raptor Motor

Indmar V 2:1 Transmission

ReCline Seat with Diamond Stitch

Sea Strainer Flush Kit

Surf + Wake XL Ballast

Tige 5 Limited Warranty

Tige Base Helm Wheel

Tige Clear Horizon Touch Screen

Transom Flip Up Seats

Walkthrough Transom

Wet Sounds Premium Audio System

Z Airframe Windshield

Gold Chromax Badging

Zero Off™ GPS Speed Con


All-New 2022 Tige Boats Z1